New Blog, New Projects, New Goals ~ Hello!

I love writing. I find it therapeutic. In high school I was on our school's newspaper and I was NOTORIOUS for getting heated about something at school, storming in the door and going straight to our fantastic Acer from the 90's and writing an article. I wrote more opinion pieces than our little school had seen in decades. :-)

After college I turned to Diaryland then Live Journal and finally WordPress to fulfill my need to express life happenings on the interwebz. Most recently I blogged about my adventures in weight-loss. I definitely got a lot of great ideas, tips and support from that blog....but I found myself constrained. I could ONLY post about weight-loss. Yes it is important to me and yes it is a goal I am driving towards....but there are so many other things in my life that I'd love to share. Hence, this blog was born. I can be me and write without reservation.

This new blog will include new ideas, new quotes (I love quotes!), new pictures and most of all - growth. 2013 is supposed to be my year of growth (personally, professionally, financially etc.). and it's mid-March and I'm honestly not off to a great start. I've spent two and a half months whining, trying to get out of a funk (and failing) and generally going in circles. My mom always tells me in order to succeed I need to stop going around the same mountains. Good advice Mom!

Here I am today - looking so much like my Mom it's crazy. :-)

To that note one of my big focuses will be my "Year of Get Happy!" inspired by reading Gretchen Rubin's novel "The Happiness Project". Truly a life-changing book. Gretchen spends a year getting happy in small ways. I learned so much that I wanted to adopt the project myself. April will be my first month. Historically you start new things in January - and they don't last. I'm thinking if I start in April, the month of rebirth and spring  maybe I can stick with it? :0)

I consider myself a generally happy person but right now I know I could do a lot more to make myself a better person and eventually lead a more fulfilled life. We all want that right? What makes you happy? Could you be more happy? What are you waiting for?

One of the lines that struck me to the core was "The days are long, but the years are short". I'm 31. Where the hell have 31 years gone?! Do I even appreciate the little things as they go by? Am I going to look back when I'm 62 and regret not living my life to the fullest? Yes. Time to change.

a year ago

Once I have April's goals carved out along with my own personal commandments I'll post them here, along with some inspiration for the month and hopefully help keep myself accountable!

Operation Happy Samantha is ON!

Oh and I am TOTALLY printing this and hanging it in my bedroom and my cube at work:

Nerdy Love Stories (or "Books You Need to be Reading!")