Hello, It's Me...

Hello, It's Me...

Editor's Note: I kinda gave up/got over the whole blog thing. But, I'm in a different head space and I find myself craving an outlet for my thoughts so I'm reclaiming this nook as my own! I will talk about everything on mind including but not limited to weight loss, happiness, yoga, adventures and love.  Enjoy! Let's see, what has happened since April 2013? I lost weight....I got frustrated with dieting/depriving myself. I gave up. I gained weight. I found Zumba. I lost weight....but I ate pretty terribly (not packaged junk, lots of homemade goodies, lots of meals out etc.). I got sick of Zumba. I gained weight. I switched jobs. I found myself in a very unhappy place and I ate....a lot.

So much that I got 30 pounds from my heaviest EVER. Fuck.

In late summer of 2015 I was in a terrible funk, convinced I was just destined to be heavy for life. I was having dinner with two friends that are both very fit and I realized they were just as busy as I was - but they found time to get to the gym 5X a week and eat healthy. What was my excuse? I drove home realizing I needed to make a big change - I couldn't keep half-assing this. Then I went on Instagram and saw a meme that perfectly articulated my state:


Fuck. Is that a wake up call or what? I had lived the exact same year for the last 4 years.

In September I decided to try a new boutique fitness studio that I had taken a few classes at over the years. I quickly became addicted to their cardio classes, hot yoga (yes I said YOGA! I previously swore off yoga for life but now I am in LOVE), pilates and HiiT classes (known as SPiiT). I was hooked. I found the atmosphere to be super friendly and supportive. I loved every teacher as well as the owner and I even convinced one of my BFFs to join me and try classes as we slimmed down in preparation for her October 2016 wedding. It became my happy place! (Thank you Studio Poise!). <3

From September to December I took an average of 5 classes a week and really tried to eat intuitively. Was I hungry or bored? Was I really in need of a snack or was I upset about something at work? Did I want some bullshit cookie from a restaurant or did I want something homemade? Since it was fall which is synonymous with baking season in my life I decided to make only quality things I would appreciate as a treat (bacon maple scones, white chocolate blondies...mmm) and then I needed to feed the people around me (thankfully one of those aforementioned fit friends appreciates my baking and he has eaten a ton of "charity calories", haha).

I got really honest with my food intake. I cut out daily Starbucks coffee runs and switched to herbal teas and lots of water. I stopped ordering Panera for lunch every damn day (hello laziness). I started cooking lunches every Sunday (pulled pork, soups, salads, roasted chicken). I stopped rewarding myself with food. I stopped eating when I was full. I stopped obsessing. I counted calories but only loosely - I focused on tracking how I felt and why.

And guess what? The weight seriously started coming off! As of December 31st I am so excited to say I am leaving 50.2 pounds in my rearview of 2015. I am able to wear clothes that have been collecting dust in my armoire for a while and I am able to rock clothes that have never fit. Yay! Moreover, I love how classes make me feel. I feel strong and super badass after a SPiiT class or a hot yoga session - especially when I can hold a position (side plank, half moon, chair) even if just for a few seconds. :)

So I'm entering 2016 happier, lighter and laser-focused. I've set goals that I plan on crushing. I've built a little support system around me and I've gotten really clear on why I want what I want. Up until now anytime I've tackled weightloss it's been for someone else or to be something else. I no longer care what anyone thinks. If  no one but my brother and BFF read this blog - that's totally OK! I'm not here for likes or loves or comments. I'm here to share the things I feel need sharing. This is *Samantha 2.0 - take her or leave her.

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