August & Everything After

August & Everything After

So I'm cheating a bit with this blog title since it's an album and not a song - that said it seemed so fitting since I wanted to blog about August goals and I've heard Counting Crows on the radio 3 times since 8:30 this morning!


During brunch this weekend my friend Meg mentioned her August goals and I realized I hadn't thought about my resolutions in a while. I spent a few hours last night reviewing what I've accomplished for the first half of this year and I want to accomplish for the rest of the year. August 1st is like a second New Year's - recommit to those resolutions or remake resolutions if you've outgrown your ideals from 6 months ago. One of my favorite quotes as of late is:


So back in January I set out to achieve 4 things:


I've been doing mezzo mezzo with the adventures - a lot of the things I wanted to accomplish physically require me to be smaller and more agile than I currently am (aerial yoga, SUP) and will happen - just likely not this year. That's OK - not everything needs to take place in 2016 to count. I still have plans to hike to a waterfall, try a high heels dance class (shout out to my girl Danielle for making every class I think of a reality). I'm also trying TRX Barre this week, which is terrifying and amazing but I know I'm in good hands with Erica!


Yoga daily has manifested itself as a stretching sequence when I first wake up and a different one before bed. I haven't been attending my weekly hot yoga for the last few weeks because it's been so hot out I find myself light-headed and dizzy in a heated, yoga class. Come the fall I'll return for sure.

Seeking love has also gone differently than expected. I opened myself up to dating, I've tried a lot of different types guys and I'm surprising myself with what I am actually drawn to and vibing with. It's not the "type" I normally went for before this experiment! I still haven't found my future husband but I am confident that everything happens when it's meant to happen and not a moment before.

Saving the best for last - the past six months have been an amazing exercise in letting go of things that no longer serve me. That is one area I have THRIVED in! As mentioned in my last blog I've lost a bunch of weight, cut my hair, donated my clothes etc. but I've also worked on letting go of other things - relationships that are no longer mutually beneficial (reminder, 4 quarters trump 100 pennies any day), ideals that I've outgrown and most importantly who I thought I was. Do you ever pause and think "Who am I?! It's weird - you find yourself reacting differently to a situation than you used to an suddenly you realize it's because you've changed. It really can sneak up on you.

My monthly horoscope is really a riot (courtesy of the LOFT):


This is the month of major love and drama, Aquarius. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and your uncanny ability to detach and see life from a bigger perspective. The New Moon on the 2nd lands in your relationship zone, and asks you to set your intentions and wishes for your love life for the next six months. If you’re single, get clear on the next kind of partnership you wish to attract into your life. If you’re already hitched, this is an excellent opportunity for a reset and redo. The big events culminate mid-month when the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse hits your stars. Everything is on the verge of colossal change. You’ll see all of the results over the next six months. The Sun will move into your house of transformation starting on the 22nd to double-up on this theme. If ever there was a time to perfect the art of letting go, it’s August 2016. On a sweeter note, Venus moves into your zone of long-distance travel starting on the 29th. You can look forward to beautiful and exotic destinations in your near future. Finally, Mercury Retrograde is back beginning on the 30th. Make sure to back up your gadgets and pay close attention to details as we head towards September.


Without further ado, the August goals:

  • Push myself outside of my class comfort zone (try TRX Barre, be open to liking classes I normally dread).
  • Shave significant time off my 3.1 mile loop around the lake in preparation for a 5k (which may be this fall or may be in the spring, TBD).
  • Enjoy more random adventures (Jewels- we're going for a hike! Lauren - we're taking a girly day! Kate - we're booking our Meade tasting!).
  • Spend 1 day without any plans or agenda (sooo hard given I am such a planner!)
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