Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wake Me Up When September Ends


Green Day was a favorite band of mine when they first hit the scene in 1994. I remember being in class in middle school and learning screen printing (don't ask me what class this was because I literally have no idea, lol) but my group made t-shirts, pillow cases etc. all with the Green Day logo. Fast forward to 2004 when "Wake Me Up When September Ends" came out I remember feeling the therapeutic waves of Billy Joe's voice waving out of the radio singing about his deceased father. We all have months that remind of what we've lost....and the new beginnings that come after that loss.  

So August is now in the books and I want to get in the habit of reviewing my goals then setting new ones....September snuck up on me so I'm a little late! :)

I vowed to do the following in the last, lovely month of summer:

  • Push myself outside of my class comfort zone (try TRX Barre, be open to liking classes I normally dread).
  • Shave significant time off my 3.1 mile loop around the lake in preparation for a 5k (which may be this fall or may be in the spring, TBD).
  • Enjoy more random adventures (Jewels- we’re going for a hike! Lauren – we’re taking a girly day! Kate – we’re booking our Meade tasting!).
  • Spend 1 day without any plans or agenda (sooo hard given I am such a planner!)

How'd I do?!

I owned TRX with some amazing ladies! SO much fun (and so challenging!), looking forward to taking it again soon. Thanks again Erica, Meg, Brittany and Kelsey! <3 I also became a semi-regular at barreworke, a class I mostly dread but sometimes secretly love. Haha.

I've been consistently good about my walks (sans a little bout with walking pneuminia, but I'm better now!) and I decided goals are better when you commit to them 100% so I registered for as 5k! Katie and I will be walk/slogging the Feaster Five on Thanksgiving morning. Not only does this girl wake up at the crack of dawn to walk with me but she's giving up her Thanksgiving morning to help me hit this bucket list item! <3 Love. From my Instagram post when we registered:


Lauren and I also successfully rocked a "Death by Danielle" class (Pilates meetings Zumba meets boxing meets squats for DAYS) and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our favorite cafe which was super fun and needs to be repeated monthly!

TECHNICALLY I did spend a few days with no agenda.....because I was too sick to do anything but sleep. LOL. Does that count? Yeah I didn't think so. Planning, fail! ;)

I'm all about driving towards these small, attainable goals each month....it makes it seem less daunting to meet my big goals. Oh and while we're discussing goals we hit a little milestone in August. I have officially lost 135 pounds! Holy mackerel right!? Here's a snippet from my Facebook:


I have a lot of teacher friends and September marks the beginning of their year with back to school. Reflecting on my TimeHop over the last few days and it holds a very significant place in my life too - I've switched jobs, made huge life changes, challenged myself and fallen in love in the lovely month of September over the last 12 years! This month's horoscope sounds VERY promising! Thanks to the LOFT as always.

If ever there were a month to make dramatic life changes, it’s this one! The New Moon Solar Eclipse right at the start of September is like one Mac Daddy catalyst to set a whole chain of non-stop transformation into motion over the next six months. You’ll feel like a brand new being by the time March rolls around. Travel is a huge part of the picture, especially starting after the 9th, as the planets start piling up in your jet-setting zone. You’re about to enter a phase of wanderlust like you haven’t experienced in 12 years. Pay attention to money matters around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. Financial issues could accelerate for better or worse around this time. You’ll be delighted to know the current Mercury Retrograde, responsible for a whole host of interesting tricks and treats in the communication department, is finally ending on the 21st. Finally, the second New Moon of September falls right on the very last day of the month. Something is ending but a whole new world of travel and adventure are just beginning, Aquarius.

Travel eh?! I haven't traveled for work or for personal reasons in a LONG time - I'm overdue for a vacation. :)

Now for September I am committing to the following goals:

  • More adventures ~ with an autumn theme! (Apple picking, new recipe testing, fire pits). Autumn is my FAVORITE season, I'm so excited! :D
  • Try a spin class! (My girl Meg is signed up for this one already, thanks Meg!)
  • Finish my book plan (I'm amped UP about writing a book and now I need to get the plan down on paper and start shopping myself around).
  • Retry the whole spend 1 day without any plans or agenda (I feel like I need to PLAN to have a day of no plans, haha!). Relaxation + balance are seemingly key this month.

Can't wait to see how the month shapes up!

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