Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband

This song is just the cutest but I must confess I had a list of cute notes titled “to my future husband” long before Meghan Trainor. ;) That said it makes me smile every time we do it in Zumba and it seemed appropriate for my feelings tonight. I got to see her live a few weeks back with a great bunch of girlfriends and she was amazing! The hardest thing about being single isn't what you'd think. 

It's not having to fill my own social schedule (because I like to be in control and I have a ton of friends).

It's not making dinner for one (because leftovers are amazing and I love feeding other people).

It's not trying new recipes (because I have a ton of taste testers who appreciate my cooking).

It's not weddings (because BFFs are BFFs for a reason).

Nope, the absolute most agonizing part of being single is knowing there is no one who considers you #1 in their life.

No one who always takes your calls or replies to your texts or looks forward to seeing your cute face at the end of a long day. No one to cuddle up to every night and share dreams and fears and day to day minutia. No one with your best interest in mind.

So, no matter how busy I make myself with chaotic jobs and side jobs and workout regimens and cooking it doesn't fill the void of being without a #1. 

Tonight that feeling is tangible, palpable. I'm exhausted from running around all day, it's a chilly October night and now it's 9:13pm and I'm starving so I'm making an underwhelming dinner of fried eggs that I'll eat alone, curled up on the couch watching “Married At First Sight”. I wish I had someone to text as I left the studio and say “heading home, can you heat me up something? Love you, mean it”. ❤ 

Someday that will be my reality. And I wonder where he is, my future husband. Is he curled up on the couch watching TV? Is he curled up with some basic bitch wishing he could have more for his life? Worse did he marry her and now he's wondering how he'll survive the next sixty years of “okayness”? Wherever he is, whatever he's doing I hope he knows I'm coming for him…in my very own note:

Dear Future Husband,

I can't wait to find you and spoil you. We're going to have the best life, EVER. Hope you arrive soon…. The to do list I've built is long. ;)



October (Goals!)

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