October (Goals!)

October (Goals!)

I completely forgot to post this earlier and then I couldn't find an October song I liked so I spent 3 days waffling. <eye roll>. I settled on this one, on to goals! 

September was a frenzy, I don't even know if I've fully recovered! I set some important goals, let's see how I measured up.

  • More adventures ~ with an autumn theme! (Apple picking, new recipe testing, fire pits). Autumn is my FAVORITE season, Iā€™m so excited!šŸ˜€
  • Try a spin class! (My girl Meg is signed up for this one already, thanks Meg!)
  • Finish my book plan (Iā€™m amped UP about writing a book and now I need to get the plan down on paper and start shopping myself around).
  • Retry the whole spend 1 day without any plans or agenda (I feel like I need to PLAN to have a day of no plans, haha!). Relaxation + balance are seemingly key this month.

Okay I'm pleased to say I accomplished every goal!

Autumn adventures have included fire pits with friends, S'MORES, walks among nature and little early leaf peeping. Oh and I made a tasty apple pie cookie that was a success. šŸ˜‰

Spin class was...a giant fucking fail. Read all about it here! Someday, not soon, I'll try again.

Book plan - okay so I didn't finish, per se. Instead I got connected with the most fabulous team ever to help me make this happen. My friend and fellow blogger Nina has now become my publishing guardian angel. I love our FaceTime meetings and I'm so, so excited to work with her! Three of my marketing maven girlfriends (Lauren, Heidi and Laurie) are on board to help me identify my brand, get my website up and running and design a logo. I have SO many talented friends, I'm really lucky! Oh and last but not least my new friend Jenn took some FIERCE headshots for my website! So excited to share them. ā¤

I spent a day without an agenda! It was.... Painful. Haha. I'll just have to accept I'm not the person who can be 100% unplanned. I need some thing, even if it's small to check off my to do list at the end of the day.

October is only getting 3 goals, since you know, we're 8 days into the month. Haha.

  • Take a hike, literally. Jewels is all over this one with me and I'm excited!
  • Add more barre classes into the workout routine. I have shied away from barre classes after being burned by another studio years ago but I'm ready to own it and tuck, pulse, shake style!
  • Embrace Autumn. It's my absolute favorite season and I plan to bake every pumpkin recipe I find, enjoy a million PSL's like a total basic bitch and take 4 million picture filled aimless drives to admire pretty leaves. Oh and while we're at it, I'll adopt this as my mantra. A good one huh?


Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband