November (Rain?) Goals

November (Rain?) Goals


It's really hard to find month-themed songs for these little goal posts of mine! LOL. November Rain is the only one I could think of - but too much rain makes me sad so I'd rather not have a November full of it! ;)

It's chilly here in Boston - I'm loving wearing layers and rekindling my romance with my fuzzy Ugg slippers but MAN it is hard to get motivated for morning workouts - especially cardio ones outside!

Last month I set out to achieve a few goals:

  • Take a hike, literally. Jewels is all over this one with me and I’m excited!
  • Add more barre classes into the workout routine. I have shied away from barre classes after being burned by another studio years ago but I’m ready to own it and tuck, pulse, and shake!
  • Embrace Autumn. It’s my absolute favorite season and I plan to bake every pumpkin recipe I find, enjoy a million PSL’s like a total basic bitch take about 87 aimless drives to admire pretty leaves and snap some pictures. Oh and while we’re at it, I’m thinking about adopting this as my fall mantra: "The trees are about to show you just how beautiful letting go can be." Not too bad, huh?.

October has been a month that attempts to strengthen my patience (for those of you that don't personally know me, patience is NOT one of my stronger qualities). I'm getting acclimated in my new job and learning my new day-to-day routines. Since I'm based remotely I'm trying to build relationships sight unseen (which is sometimes tough) and I'm also trying to find that magical work/life balance. I've had a few meltdowns - but overall I'd say I'm adjusting fairly well. It's tough to let go of who you were (especially when your identity was tied to your job for as long as mine was!). It's also tough not to fall into the same patterns you once had (blindly saying “yes” to every request, trying to be a superhero etc.). I'm working every day to build new rather than resume the old. October has taught me that I need to allow things to take time and not rush - magic doesn't happen overnight.

I feel like learning the art of patience will be a life-long lesson for let's see how did I achieving my monthly goals!

Of course I totally owned the "embrace Autumn" task -tons of leaf peeping adventures were had, pumpkin baking occurred and I enjoyed a  few PSL's:


I also totally owned my goal of doing more barre - especially with my beloved SP rolling out a new bar(re) program that debuted at a bar nearby a week ago and was MAJORLY fun. I forgot how SORE barre workouts make you! I'm looking forward to more in the future. Here we are tucking and pulsing:


Sadly I did not take a hike w/ Jewels - the one weekend we both had free it rained the whole time, making hiking just impossible. Weather pending that may roll into November!

I'm adding the following goals in to the 11th month (11 being my favorite number):

  • Give thanks - November is of course Thanksgiving and one of my favorite times of year. I'm psyched to be making Thanksgiving dinner for my family and to co-host a Friendsgiving with one of my BFFs. In addition to cooking I want to make it a point to show the people in my life how thankful I am for their support - I am a better person because of the people who constantly support me. This month I want to find a way to show my appreciation to Team Sam*.
  • Conquer my 5k with Katie! It would be AMAZING if I could finish around 45 mins, but my left knee has not been cooperating lately so just finishing under that 60 min mark is the goal. After this I'm moving indoors and we'll tackle another 5k for better time in the spring.
  • Complete 11 workouts a week - This may sound crazy  but a few months ago I was taking 12-14 classes a week AND walking. With my new schedule and finding the balance in my life my workouts have suffered. For November I will get 11 workouts a week in for a total of 44 or bust!

There we have it (and I'm actually posting on the first day of the month for a change!). What are you planning to tackle this month? I'm all for finishing the year strong while appreciating where I've been. Take time to give thanks in your own life but don't forget to hustle! ;)

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