Slow Down

Slow Down

My friend Tracy recently sent me an article that REALLY resonated with me and I had to share my thoughts in hopes of inspiring someone else out there. It's written for moms but honestly for this childless chick it really hit home! What if hustling ISN'T the goal??

The best song I could think of to represent these thoughts was "Slow Down" by Mary J. Blige. Love me some Mary J!

I have been hustling HARD for a while on all my big goals (weight loss, paying off debt, advancing my career, perfecting my date pitch to find my future husband). And guess what? Real talk - that shit is fucking exhausting. There are nights I collapse into bed and then run through my to-do list for the next day and get a very unrestful night's sleep because of my self-imposed anxiety. I have had this "image" of how my life should be in my thirties and it involves packing as much as possible into every day.

  • Can I add another workout?
  • Can I maximize my time in an afternoon by seeing a friend for coffee, doing an errand, seeing another friend for lunch etc etc.
  • Can I put in a few extra hours to catch up on emails?
  • Can I put off buying something essential to boost my savings a little more?
  • Can I push off something fun to ensure I reach a goal faster?

I am constantly in the hustle....and I am TIRED. My body is tired, but moreover my soul is tired. I need rest. I need to be OK sleeping more, seeing fewer friends, NOT having every single night of my week scheduled. I need an UNschedule. OK just saying that is giving me hives, haha. I'm a PM - I love schedules! I love color-coding and checking things off my to do list and feeling accomplished!

But, as I said in my last post - August is the month of tuning into my body....breathing, decompressing and refocusing. I'm going to also challenge myself to say no to things that don't bring me peace and say yes to recovery / rest / downtime. Less hustle, more chill.

I can do it all - but not all at once. And I hate that, because I am the ultimate overachiever, but I know in my heart it's true. I need to take rest days, I need to take time to myself, I need to be OK saying no and scaling back where appropriate. I need to remind myself that perfect should not be the enemy of good - because often times good enough really IS good enough.

Can you slow down in your life? Is there something you could give up for the sake of sanity? Is there a task you can optimize or something you can embrace?

I scheduled two trips recently and I'm wicked stoked about both of them. In October I'll be heading to Santa Monica with Mom for some muuuuuuuch needed R+R then in December I'll be celebrating my baby brother turned 32 in Sin City with a few days of gambling, drinking and eating fabulous food. I can't wait. During both trips I will need to focus on that pesky "balance" (the word I love to hate) - eating out but also working out, indulging occasionally but also finding ways to stay on plan and most importantly - hydrated! I'm excited just thinking about it - and I'm going to do my best NOT to schedule every single second of the trip and ruin those impromptu adventures that are the best parts of vacations. <3

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